7-14 February

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For marriage week 2022 we want to explore what God wants our relationships to be and look at how we can challenge ourselves to grow deeper and develop skills that enable us to do relationships better.

Our vision for 2022 is to journey towards ‘BEING’ all that God wants us to be and with that in mind we are exploring what God wants our relationships to be. Over the next seven days we want to explore some of the ways we believe God engages with us and look at how we can do the same with others.

We believe God to be the author of relationships so what He does is a safe bet for conducting good and fulfilling relationships. Over the next seven days we hope you discover how your relationship can be enriched when you apply these ‘BE’s’ into our lives


Imagine trying to know someone without hearing their voice or witnessing their actions. The Psalms bridge that gap, offering a glimpse into God’s heart. Through

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Who is the ultimate power in the universe today?  Under whose authority should nations pledge their allegiance and under whose laws should nation and individual

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