Being grateful in difficult circumstances

When I was asked to write a blog on this subject the first thought may have been to write a huge list of life’s positives and hopefully the list would overpower the negative issues, and all would be well.
This would have been my fall back before I came to faith in Jesus around ten years ago.
My revised mechanism for coping with life’s challenges is much simpler and far more effective. It involves focusing on the truth, in hope and the love which comes from total trust in God’s love for me. I have been blessed with an understanding that if life is difficult, it is God’s plan for me, All troubles are a discipline or a lesson which I must accept through faith knowing that He is in control and with me every second of every day. Often, I will pray or be involved with worship and be washed with God’s Holy Spirit, the feeling of His love is overwhelming, and His presence fills me with joy, and I know He is with me.
Yes, I am grateful for many things in my life but in difficult circumstances I am grateful that God is always there, nurturing, guiding and full of love. He is my salvation.
Gary Petch