Our Nation

Seek God’s forgiveness for our nation, stand in the gap for this land! Pray for God’s blessing over this land, healing of the economy so it can prosper and be a blessing to many others Wisdom for our leaders in making decisions in difficult times A halt to the devastation of COVID19 on this land, […]


To be one in purpose in 2022! To be effective and have an impact in our town and beyond To be a place of salvation, growth, nurturing, restoration for all who come To be led by the Holy Spirit, be open to His moving  and walk in step with Him Our Leadership: Minister, Core Leaders, […]

Be God Focused

Quieten your heart, mind and intentionally focus on God  Confess your failings, repent before God and rededicate your life to Him. What were your highlights of 2021? Give thanks to God! What were your challenges in 2021? Hand them over to God! What are your hopes for 2022? Tell them to God! What are your […]

Prayer Meeting

Prayer is a reflection of where we put our trust. It enables us to speak and listen to God, building a lasting relationshipPraying together encourages, challenges and unites us in Christ. We pray for others and situations with the help of the Holy Spirit. It is also a great opportunity to come together to worship […]