Parables and Authority over nature

In this chapter the author Mark wants to introduce us to Jesus’ master class teaching style. Jesus used parables to teach his listeners but then when curiosity got the best of his disciples then enquired what Jesus meant by his story and then Jesus explained to them. In this session we want to learn what […]

Authority Over Brokenness

Mark wants to re-inforce Jesus’ lordship over the Sabbath and his continued revelation of his authority. Here he wants us to see that Jesus has authority over physical brokenness and was also able to defend against those who were questioning his character and nature. Jesus reveals he is not a lone ranger in his mission […]

The Messiah and His authority

The author of this gospel wants us to know this gospel is about Good News and that good news is wrapped around the person of Jesus Christ the Messiah. Mark wants us to know that Jesus is the long awaited Messiah and he does this by introducing us to the acts of Jesus very quickly. […]