Not Yet

In Education, there is the process of effort to acquire new knowledge or skill. To say because we don’t have the thing we are working toward means we will never have it is a  misrepresentation of the situation, to say we don’t have it YET, is to acknowledge that at some point in the future we may have it.

I have, as I am sure lots of us do, things that I desire to see in the lives of those I love. Salvation, Healing, Restoration of Faith, BIG things, that seem right to desire and pray for.

If these things were immediately given, would my searching of God and all He Is have been so driven?

In the waiting I am learning to trust God more, to not feel resentful when other people’s prayers are answered and not immediately think ‘God must love them more than me’.

We all know, in our heads, God’s timing is perfect, but sometimes our hearts yearn for Now.

I am grateful that while I wait,  I can let go of impatience,  let go of resentments and hurts, and continue to walk with Him and see Him for who He is and not what I can get, to accept that God will develop character over comfort and accept that our troubles aren’t always just for us to learn from, but that we are witnesses in these times for others to see how we respond when the answer is “not yet”.