Rise up in Praise

The Lord is my light and my salvation so why should I be afraid? The Lord is my fortress, protecting me from danger, so why should I tremble?
Psalm 27.1


We praise God not because of what we can get from him, but first and foremost because of who He is. The Psalmist recognised that God was the light that guided him towards salvation and the very salvation itself was rooted in the person of God (Jesus Christ). That truth prompted him to declare that fear was no longer a part of his narrative. Whilst he was aware that salvation did not mean the absence of challenges he was confident in the fact that God was his fortress and protected him from danger. These truths are praise inducing and it’s always important to remember the truth that gives substance to our praise. When we engage with God’s truth and God shines his light on a truth in our lives it leads to either reverent worship or ecstatic praise. So today we want to rise in praise because praise is the shout that will bring the enemy’s wall down.


I’ll praise when I feel it, and I’ll praise when I don’t

I’ll praise ’cause I know You’re still in control

‘Cause my praise is a weapon, it’s more than a sound a sound)

Oh, my praise is the shout that brings Jericho down ‘Elevation Worship’


Cain And Abel Both Brought An Offering To God. God Rejected Cains And Accepted Abel’s Offering. This Shows Us That Some Offering Is Acceptable To God And Some Are Not. Today We Want To Centre Our Praise Around What Is Accepted To God And Let That Guide Our Prayers As We Rise Up In Praise. So Let’s R

  • Thank God For Jesus
  • Declare That Jesus Is The Access To The Father
  • Rejoice In The Sacrifice Of Jesus On The Cross
  • Thank God That Sin’s Power Is Broken
  • Use Praise As A Weapon Today And Praise God Rather Than Despair



Cain’s offering to God was not wholehearted. It was more of a ‘God I am doing you a favour, like it or lump it’. God rejected the offering and Cain’s response showed where his heart was. Take time to think through your praise and worship to God. Is it wholehearted or are you just giving God the crumbs of your time and devotion. 

If you were treated the way you treat God how would you feel?

Remember God was not angry with Cain, God guided him to the truth but Cain had the responsibility to respond or react. Today we are reminded that God is looking for those who will worship him in Spirit and in truth. These are the worshippers God is seeking.

Engage God with your spirit and also in truth of where you are and what is happening in your world and let God surprise you today.

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