The Christian life is a life of spiritual battle. Many followers of Jesus believe the key to spiritual growth is prayer which means forces that do not want you to grow in your faith will do everything to stop you from praying. Jesus said by your love for one another people will know you are […]


31 MAR MIDNIGHT If you have never been to the Big Church Festival what is it?  It’s an opportunity to join with over 30,000 people from across the UK and beyond to worship together in the jaw-dropping surroundings of the Wiston Estate, in the company of some of the best Christian artists in the world. […]


WED 14 FEB – THU 28 MAR 2024 Lent is when we remember Jesus’ 40 days  in the desert where He fasted and prayed before beginning his work for God. Lent starts on Ash Wednesday and finishes during Easter week with that last week known as Holy Week.  During this time we consider giving something […]

Prayer Meeting

Prayer enables us to speak and listen to God, building a lasting relationship