Things I’m thankful for //

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There are so many things in life that I am very thankful for that I feel as though I share with everyone like my family and friends, having a roof over my head, being provided with food to eat whenever I’m hungry, clean water and having access to an education. However, there are some things […]

Not Yet

In Education, there is the process of effort to acquire new knowledge or skill. To say because we don’t have the thing we are working toward means we will never have it is a  misrepresentation of the situation, to say we don’t have it YET, is to acknowledge that at some point in the future […]

Being grateful in difficult circumstances

When I was asked to write a blog on this subject the first thought may have been to write a huge list of life’s positives and hopefully the list would overpower the negative issues, and all would be well.This would have been my fall back before I came to faith in Jesus around ten years […]

Sheila Purcell

When I was a kid every night before I went to sleep, mum or dad would ask us the one thing that had made us happy that day. They would tell me how important it was to be grateful for the good things in life, even on a bad day there was usually one small […]

Jules Smith

I am grateful to God for the small things and for the big things in my life, although I’m sure God doesn’t categorise them like that! The small things are the ‘daily breads’ of each 24hrs. Sometimes, when I thank God for these, I wonder if He gets tired of hearing my appreciation of the […]

October Prayer

PRAYER & FASTING “From the tribe of Issachar, there were 200 leaders of the tribe with their relatives. All these men understood the signs of the times and knew the best course for Israel to take.” 1 Chronicles 12:32 In 1 Chronicles 12 the bible presents us with a great time of change that was […]


PRAYER & FASTING In this session of our prayer we want to pray through key Christian characteristics that will enable us to live inspiring lives that bring glory to God. God is the embodiment of inspiration, the very world God created is full of inspiration. My prayer is that God will guide us to live […]


PRAYER & FASTING In this session of our prayer we are going to focus on exercising our God given bravery which should be a default for every Christian trying to live for God. God has not given us a spirit of fear and that should be a guide for everything that we do and also […]

Whatsapp Group Do’s and Dont’s

Whatsapp Group Do’s and Dont’s Respecting the purpose and objective of groupThe flourish WhatsApp group is another way of connecting with each other and to keep up to date with the life of the church. Share bible verses, insight on Sunday teachings and pray for each other. Also ask for practical needs that our church […]


PRAYER SURGERY STOP | WAIT | ENCOUNTER SAT 30th APR | 10:30 // 11:30 | elim centre Sometimes we just need to stop, wait and encounter GodIt wasn’t in the hustle and bustle of life that God was heardIt was in the gentle whisperWe are told: If two of you agree here on earth concerning […]