The God of Creation

0:00 / 0:00 The normative teaching in our culture on the origin of the universe and life does not give any room for the divine. In popular culture and the media the same is the case. The theory of evolution is the norm for narrating the origin of things. The bible however presents a different […]

The Shepherd and Provider

0:00 / 0:00 What does it mean for our day to day lives that God is the shepherd of his people? This is an amazing and liberating truth for God’s people. What is the role of the shepherd independently of the sheep? and what is the responsibility of the sheep to the shepherd? How can […]

The Sovereign King

Who is the ultimate power in the universe today?  Under whose authority should nations pledge their allegiance and under whose laws should nation and individual laws be built. The writer of psalms believes that this should be God and he proceeds in these psalms to tell us why God is sovereign over the affairs of […]


Imagine trying to know someone without hearing their voice or witnessing their actions. The Psalms bridge that gap, offering a glimpse into God’s heart. Through this series we’ll discover God’s self-revelation, gaining a deeper understanding of who God truly is. In This Series


What would you do for clean water?  For the 703 million people living without it, the answer is anything. And they do: they walk miles every day, in treacherous conditions and extreme heat, just to access water that makes them sick — or worse.  That’s why we are joining the fight for CLEAN WATER this […]


The Christian life is a life of spiritual battle. Many followers of Jesus believe the key to spiritual growth is prayer which means forces that do not want you to grow in your faith will do everything to stop you from praying. Jesus said by your love for one another people will know you are […]


31 MAR MIDNIGHT If you have never been to the Big Church Festival what is it?  It’s an opportunity to join with over 30,000 people from across the UK and beyond to worship together in the jaw-dropping surroundings of the Wiston Estate, in the company of some of the best Christian artists in the world. […]

Prayer Meeting

Prayer enables us to speak and listen to God, building a lasting relationship