5 Days of

Prayer & Fasting

MON 01 - FRI 05 JULY


Rise up, O God, and scatter your enemies. Let those who hate God run for their lives
Psalm 68:1

We want God to rise up in our lives so that He can be seen and heard by the way we live our lives and engage with others. As we fight the good fight this year we know the tactics of the enemy would be to wear us down and make us weary.

God has called us into a proactive faith and that is why we encounter in scripture lots of encouragement to be active, ‘Go into the world and make disciples’ ‘Come to me if you are weary’ ‘Receive power and be witnesses’ ‘pray without ceasing’

As followers of Jesus we are meant to be on the move and actively reaching up and reaching out.

We know that God loves to hear our request and fasting gives us that added focus to bring our body under control and guide it towards a spiritual desire rather than earthly one. Fasting also enables us to show God our determination to engage with him.

These five days of prayer and fasting have therefore been designed to bust the enemies strategy as we actively rise up and let God be seen in us and through us. It has been designed to help us encounter the Holy Spirit in increased measure so that rather than limping through the rest of the year we are energised into action and victory and we finish the race strong.

Join us for Prayer 18:00 - 19:00 | at elim centre OR Online

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